Cole Haan

When it comes to quality and style, few brands have a stronger heritage appeal than Cole Haan. Evolving from a humble shoemaker to world-renowned fashion brand, Cole Haan is synonymous with accessible luxury and definitive American style. From Cole Haan’s origins in saddles, bucks and penny loafers, through to its prophetic use of sports technology, Cole Haan continues its legacy of craftsmanship and innovation.
From its beginning, Cole Haan has been known for artisan quality and detail. When 12ozProphet Collective was commissioned to produce a seasonal series of leading media images, we wanted to capture that dedication to detail and highlight the beautiful qualities that define each shoe. By implementing high-end medium format digital cameras and lenses from Hasselblad and our advanced studio techniques, photo editing and post-production, we delivered a steady succession of beautifully detailed images that exemplify Cole Haan at its best.
Cole Haan Painted Toe
Cole Haan 3M Wingtip
Cole Haan Wingtip Shoes
Cole Haan Trafton Top
Cole Haan Trafton Bottom
Cole Haan Trafton Side
Cole Haan Waterproof
Cole Haan waterproof angle
Cole Haan flex sole